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Making the most of IT opportunities!

At Heiper IT we provide an IT infrastructure that stands like a house. After all, a good IT infrastructure is the foundation of any organization. From there we look further and create modern workplaces that allow your employees to work carefree anytime, anywhere. In addition, we ensure that your employees can make optimal use of the IT possibilities and can work even better (together). By continuously innovating you get the most out of your IT!

Also a modern workplace?

Heiper IT creates a modern workplace where employees can work without worrying about their computer, the system or the network.  We simply make sure it works, so your employees can do what they do best.

A modern workplace requires a good business Internet connection, perfect Voice over IP (telephony) and a good, stable network. The basic ingredients for a reliable IT environment! Not only the setting up your network, but of course also its management. If necessary even 24 hours a day!

IT services 

Working more productively

The possibilities in the IT field are innumerable and innovation is continuous. However, many employees no longer keep up with the developments and only use a very small part of all the possibilities. This is a shame! We ensure that employees can get the most out of the IT possibilities and thus work better (together) and increase their productivity. 


Automating processes with IT

IT is increasingly becoming a part of the business strategy. We help organizations to define their vision and/or strategy with the help of IT. Often there is already a pile of data available that is not optimally used. By processing this data smarter and reporting in a way that provides valuable insights, we contribute to the efficiency of organizations. In addition, we ensure that business processes are better aligned with IT. We call this innovation.


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