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Cloud solutions

The new way of working - Accessing your data anytime, anywhere!

Heiper IT creates a modern workplace that allows your employees to work carefree anytime, anywhere. We ensure that the information and communication systems work, so your employees can focus on their own work and get the best out of themselves!

Also want to work in the Cloud?

The way office automation is organized changes rapid. One of these changes concerns the local IT set-up, which for more and more companies and organizations is moving towards the cloud. Why? Because of the endless communication possibilities, the convenience and the efficiency gains. 

Do you still have a server, but do you want to go to the Cloud so you can access your data and applications anytime, anywhere? Are you wondering if this is safe? Or do you not know how and where to start? We would love to help you out!

The benefits of cloud solutions

  • Your employees can work and communicate with each other anywhere, anytime, on any type of device;
  • Information and applications are available anywhere, anytime;
  • You can use productivity solutions from the Microsoft 365 suite
  • Cloud solutions from Heiper are complete workplace solutions.

How much does the cloud cost?

  • You use what you need and you pay monthly according to use;
  • No one-time investment costs for servers or telephone switchboard;
  • No maintenance costs for the servers;
  • Scalable.

Your business and the Cloud

If you also want to take advantage of the benefits of working in the cloud, Heiper is happy to advise you. Heiper's cloud solutions are complete workplace solutions that seamlessly integrate with your business operations. 

Do you have applications that are not yet web-based but still you want to go to the Cloud?

That is possible with Windows Virtual Desktop! Windows Virtual Desktop is an online workplace in the public Cloud in which nothing needs to be locally located.

Questions or a non-binding conversation? Feel free to contact us.

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