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Azure Virtual Desktop

Want to access your data securely and at all times?

Would you also like to be able to access your data anytime and anywhere, but do you still have applications that are not web-based? Then we now have the perfect solution! Azure Virtual Desktop. 

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is an online workplace in the public Cloud in which everything can run and therefore nothing needs to be locally stored. Moreover, you always work with the most recent and new version. It is the replacement for the Remote Desktop Server and/or Online Desktop. Azure Virtual Desktop is flexible and scalable and you only pay for the moments that your employees use it, otherwise not. So it can be very attractive financially.

Azure Virtual Desktop stands for:

  • Better user experience!
  • Optimal security!
  • Flexible and scalable!
  • Financially attractive!

When is Azure Virtual Desktop interesting?

Suppose you are already using Microsoft 365 Business, but you still have an application and data on your server at the office. What to do? We can move the application to Azure Virtual Desktop, making it available in the Cloud without changing the application itself! We can also move the data to SharePoint.


You can access the application anytime, anywhere. Users can access documents and data securely from any device. You no longer have a server in the office. So no more maintenance and monitoring costs for the server. This way, you are completely ready for the new way of working!

Why Heiper IT?

  • Extensive experience with Azure Virtual Desktop
  • The best implementation consultants
  • Microsoft certifications in house
  • 24/7 support
  • Keep track of the latest developments

Frequently Asked Questions!

  • I now have Online Desktop, is this the same as Azure Virtual Desktop? 
    • Yes and no. The way of 'working' is the same (but with a much better user experience). The big difference is that Azure Virtual Desktop is in the public Cloud and that everything runs within Azure Virtual Desktop (including Teams!). So you don't need to have anything locally anymore
  • I still have a server, but I need to replace my server, can I switch to Azure Virtual Desktop?
    • That's right! Especially when you still have applications that are not web-based.
  • From how many workstations is Azure Virtual Desktop financially interesting?
    • This depends on several factors, but roughly from 20 employees onwards.
  • What does Azure Virtual Desktop cost?
    • It is flexible and scalable and depends on the amount of data you use and how much computing power you need. We can calculate this for you.

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