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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

You want to be able to work online, but with all the applications and programmes that you normally have at your disposal. How can you do that? With Microsoft 365! This allows you to work on the go and from any location with all your familiar programmes.

The benefits

With Microsoft 365, documents are always immediately available so that you can get to work quickly. Every user can install Microsoft 365 on up to 5 devices (i.e. on a mobile phone and a tablet and a laptop, etc.). The use of (your own) mobile devices (Bring Your Own Device) is perfectly possible, and everyone can work flexibly from home and hold meetings online. 

Why Heiper IT?

Let Heiper IT set up Microsoft 365 and all your files will be in a safe place from now on. Furthermore, you are always assured of the most up-to-date version of the desktop applications. Because IT management becomes simpler, this saves on costs. Moreover, the services can be purchased in a scalable manner through us, so profit on profit. 

In short at Heiper IT you get...

  • Expert advice on the correct version;
  • Installation and configuration possible;
  • Invoicing via Heiper;
  • Support via Heiper.

Making the most of opportunities

With Microsoft 365, the world is at your feet, the functionalities and possibilities are endless. However, many users do not use the options optimally and only use a limited part of the functionalities. Often because they simply do not know what is possible. We are happy to help with that!

Work more productively

We know the Microsoft 365 components like no other and can therefore translate the needs of customers into the right Microsoft 365 apps and products. We therefore offer solutions that are often already present in the licenses! 

Automate business processes

We know which apps from Microsoft 365 can be combined well to work more productively. Think of the combination of Flow and OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, etc. With the help of Microsoft 365 products we can automate business processes and get more out of your IT!

We are happy to help you!

Do you feel that you are not yet using Microsoft 365 optimally? That you could get more out of it if you were better informed about how to use the products? Then contact us! We are happy to help you!

More information? We are happy to help you!

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