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Get the most out of your IT!

IT is increasingly becoming a part of business strategy. This is not surprising since IT can help to streamline certain processes and provide insights with which processes can be optimized. Heiper IT is a committed sparring partner in this area. We like to be successful together!

How do we work?

At Heiper IT, we are able to quickly understand business processes and recognize automation issues. How do we do this? We start by mapping out the existing business processes. On the basis of this we draw up a number of automation issues. For each of these automation issues, we make a plan on how to optimize these business processes. Finally, we work together to actually implement the plan. 

Optimize business processes by..

  • mapping business processes 
  • distinguish automation issues
  • drawing up plan
  • implement


Because optimizing business processes with the help of IT requires a very broad knowledge, we often use our rich network of professionals. Together with this network of professionals we always arrive at a winning solution. Whether this is about optimizing business processes with the help of IT, migrating the IT infrastructure to the Cloud or improving the security level.

Committed partner

We speak the language of MSE in the Netherlands and understand how important a good relationship is. From this starting point  we further assist your organization with the help of IT. Being sincerely involved is in our DNA, indeed, that is our raison d'être! We always go for a long-term relationship and dare to ask critical questions. At the same time we are also very pragmatic. A combination in which we find each other and are successful.


Since 2004, we have been helping companies to use IT to make their businesses even more successful. Not only do we have a lot of knowledge and experience in house, we also like to share it. Sometimes in terms of workshops and training courses, sometimes around the table with one of our professionals. We also regularly organize knowledge sessions and webinars.

Do you also want to optimize business processes and get more out of your IT?

Please leave your details here. We are happy to help you!

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