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IT Services

The modern workplace - Access to your data anywhere & anytime 

At Heiper IT we provide all technical aspects of the modern workspace including server, network and support. We make sure your IT infrastructure is rock solid, so you can focus on your own business.

Heiper IT stands for..

  • Modern workspaces
  • Advice and implementation
  • Safety

Also a modern workplace?

Whether you work in the Cloud , still on-premise or a combination of both, we make sure you can access your data anytime, anywhere. We take care of the hardware, the software, the internet, telephony, hosting and the network from installation to management. If necessary even 24 hours a day!

IT Support

Advice and implementation

Your server needs replacing.... should you get a new server? Or is it better to go to the Cloud? Or is a combination of on premise and Cloud the best option? We have years of experience in this area and would love to help you to make the right choice!

Does your company use applications that are not Cloud based, but still you want to be able to work optimally in the Cloud? Then Windows Virtual Desktop is the solution! Windows Virtual Desktop is an online workplace in the public Cloud in which nothing needs to be locally installed.

Windows Virtual Desktop

How secure is your IT environment?

Whether it's about having a good backup (and recovery!), reducing SPAM or simply keeping viruses out. Security is a very important part of your IT. We help our clients to identify the risks, take actions and when necessary...we take care of it (= solving it!)

Having (and keeping) optimal security has everything to do with having a grip on your company. Knowing what is going on, knowing where the risks lie and translating this into appropriate actions. In other words: managing, monitoring and maintaining your network, workstations and servers. Of course, the support of involved and professional support engineers is the key to success. After all, you win together!


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