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Heiper: the address for hardware

What do you need?

A computer network starts with hardware, or equipment.  Almost always you need workstations (PCs and/or laptops). In addition, a network contains the necessary peripherals such as printers, a router, a switch and a wireless WiFi access point.

Why buy from Heiper?

We know what you need in your network. The equipment we use has an excellent balance between quality and price and is proven to be good. The advantages when you buy from Heiper:

  • We know your network, we know what is the best choice in your case;
  • We install and configure the equipment 'ready for use';
  • We will arrange any warranty settlement for defects for you free of charge;
  • If necessary, we will temporarily place a replacement device at your home without you having to pay rent;
  • No difficult technical terms at Heiper. For example, we only have 2 types of PCs: 'standard' and 'extra fast'.
  • Our advice is of course also free.

Heiper supplies quality equipment in areas such as:


For business workstations (PCs and/or laptops) you have come to the right place. Depending on the planned work with the workstations (administrative? AutoCAD work?), we advise what you need.


A server is custom work. Depending on your needs, the system requirements of your software and the expected growth of your organization, we put together a configuration and issue a tailor-made proposal.


A router is the box that connects your local network to the internet. You cannot go online without a router. The router also functions as a so-called firewall (the device that protects you against intrusion attempts from the internet). Heiper supplies and configures business routers and can provide you with excellent advice. 


A switch is the distribution device in your network where all network cables come out. This 'ties' your network together. Sufficient capacity is important, both in terms of number of ports (connection points) and speed. Heiper advises and delivers.

WiFi accesspoints

Of course you also want to be able to work wirelessly with your laptop or smartphone. We supply and configure quality WiFi hardware. This is possible for a small network as well as for larger 'roaming' networks (where you have several WiFi access points that complement each other).

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