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The problem

You have had enough of expensive obscure telecom bills and long-term contracts. Why not opt ​​for VoIP calling from Heiper?

The solution via Heiper

VoIP calling is a very reliable telephony solution for your organization where you do not have to invest in an expensive telephone exchange. Heiper offers you the most beautiful and best VoIP solution of the moment. With our beautiful online management environment, you as a customer can set your own availability in a very simple way. You will also find clear management statistics here with which you can quickly and easily see how the accessibility of your organization is.

The advantages of Heiper VoIP calling:


We use fair and competitive rates so that you can save very quickly compared to your current telephony solution. Furthermore, you no longer need an expensive telephone exchange of thousands of euros, because VoIP calls simply go via the cloud.


The service can always be changed and canceled per month. You are therefore never tied to a long-term contract with us. We can do this because we have confidence in our service. Trust is also your basis for choosing this service; satisfaction is your motivation to continue the service - and not 'because you'd be stuck with a long-term subscription'.

Very trustworthy 

The telephone service is set up very reliably. The telephony software runs in two separate computing centers. In the unlikely event that one computing center goes down, Heiper VoIP will continue to run.


You can consult your telephony specifications online at any time of the day via the advanced management page. You can also change settings here and enable or disable additional featurese.

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