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Antivirus software

Another term everyone uses: antivirus software. Of course you want the best security to keep viruses at bay, but without the hassle of delaying your workplace(s). Let Heiper ICT advise you professionally and practically instead of going along with the issues of the day. 

Points of attention

There are a number of points to consider when choosing the virus scanner. Heiper IT knows these points for attention and is happy to discuss them with you. To start with, a good server-level virus scanner is absolutely important in shielding workplaces against viruses. The extent to which the software can behave proactively should be a decisive factor in the decision to purchase antivirus software.

The solution

With Heiper antivirus you have a cloud-based antivirus solution that works for Windows as well as for MacOS and Linux. The software can be used on workstations and also on servers. Because it is a cloud service, the software hardly consumes the computing power of the computer system. Heiper is immediately informed when a virus is found.

All the benefits of Heiper Antivirus:

  • Never renew again, Heiper does this for you automatically;
  • Invoicing clear and unambiguous, per quarter;
  • Checks for viruses, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers, trojans, ransomware;
  • Hardly at the expense of the performance of the computer system;
  • Scan and quarantine management (also possible remotely) by Heiper;
  • Is based on BitDefender;
  • Very user-friendly.

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