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Backup, all data in a safe external place

Backup is one of the most important things in a reliable and high-quality IT situation. However, it is only when things go wrong that the need for a good backup becomes clear. It is then too late for “if only...”. A hard disk crash, theft, fire or accidental deletion of important files can no longer be reversed. Avoid this and choose a reliable online backup solution via Heiper


Every modern business today depends on digital information. We don't always think about it, but the risk of data loss is always present. Think about:

  • Technical causes such as a broken computer or server;
  • A computer virus;
  • A crashed hard drive;
  • External causes such as fire or theft;
  • A human error by the user who accidentally overwrites or discards a file.

Online Backup from Heiper IT

At Heiper IT we regularly see all causes of data loss. That is less bad, if there is a good backup facility available to quickly and safely retrieve your files. And there it is, the name of this solution: Heiper Online Backup!

With the Heiper online backup service, a backup is automatically made every day at a set time, based on a backup selection of your choice. You no longer have to worry about it and you no longer have to change tapes every day. With the Heiper online backup service, you purchase a certain bundle of storage space, depending on the size of your selection of data. You can then decide for yourself how many backups you want to keep. You will also receive a reporting email after each backup that allows you to perfectly monitor the status of your backup.

Heiper Online Backup has many advantages:

  • A daily backup outside your company premises;
  • You don't have to invest in an expensive backup solution yourself;
  • Most reliable backup;
  • Very safe by using the latest security standards;
  • No limits to the amount of data you want to keep, the solution grows with you;
  • Your data is stored in a very secure environment: a highly secured data center;
  • Your data can be quickly retrieved in case of calamities;
  • No daily check needed either, Heiper does this for you. You pay nothing extra for this!

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