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Heiper Security Assessment

Map your vulnerabilities!

With the increasing cybercrime, properly securing and protecting your data and business data is becoming increasingly important. But how do you handle this? A great tool for this is the Heiper Security Assessment (HSA). The Heiper Security Assessment gives you an overview of how your security is doing, where things are going well and what can be improved. So insight and grip on the security of your IT environment!

Heiper Security Assessment

The HSA focuses on the three most important pillars of security, namely technology, policy and employees.


Technology concerns the technical security of the workplace, the servers and the network equipment and the general security measures. Is MFA used, is antivirus on everywhere, are backups made?


The policy of an organization is also important. In this policy you set out the red line how security is handled. You can think of a password policy and whether it is explicitly stated within the organization who is responsible for cyber risks. This also includes matters such as a policy for the disposal of old equipment and a recovery or continuity plan.


No matter how well you have your security in order, if your employees do not know what to pay attention to or do not adhere to the rules properly, you still run a great risk of becoming a victim of cyber criminals. It is therefore important to map out the behavior of your employees and to see where there are possible areas for improvement. This includes locking your computer when you walk away from your workplace, using unique strong passwords and recognizing Phishing emails.

The HSA route

The Heiper Security Assessment always starts with an extensive intake meeting with the IT manager. We will discuss the way in which the assessment will be conducted and the results you can expect based on this assessment. So that everything is clear.

Afterwards, the IT manager receives an extensive questionnaire in which we review many security aspects. All other employees also receive a (short) questionnaire in order to determine at user level the IT safety. 

Finally, one of our IT security consultants will visit the location for the technical check of the workstations, the server, network devices and the general control measures.

All this data together provides a total picture. We summarize it in a clear and concrete report. In this report you will find our conclusions and concrete recommendations to further improve the security of your company. We will of course explain this report on location.

The next steps

 In the report, we will not only provide an overview of the results and conclusions, but also give concrete recommendations on how you can improve the security of your company data. You can think of technical measures, such as secure printing or blocking devices remotely in the event of theft. But also organizational measures such as facilitating a password manager company-wide. Finally, we also give advice on how you can make your employees more aware of the risks in order to improve this pillar as well.

Benefits of the Heiper Security Assessment

The HSA gives insight and thus a grip on your IT environment. After conducting the HSA you know which buttons you can turn to take IT security to a higher level. Below is a summary of the benefits.

  • Insight into the security risks of your IT environment
  • Not only technical risks, but also risks with regard to organization and employees
  • Extensive reporting with concrete recommendations
  • Included for customers who purchase IT support, antivirus, Cloud management and support and backup from us.
  • Fast turnaround time and therefore fast results!

In short, don't wait any longer and take the security of your IT environment to a higher level!

Watch our webinar about the Security Assessment

Earlier we organized a webinar about the Security Assessment. During this webinar, Pieter van Woerden  and Job van Slooten  explain what the Security Assessment means. What do you need to perform this Assessment, what are the benefits and what are the costs? 

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