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Insight in your IT environment

With the IT Scan we map out the entire IT infrastructure of your organization. This exposes any security leaks or weak spots in the security. You can make your IT environment even more secure in this way. 

How do we handle this?

The IT Scan always starts with an introductory meeting. In this meeting we discuss the points for attention and specific business characteristics that are important for the IT infrastructure. Based on the introductory meeting, we draw up the scan and perform it on location. One of our system administrators will come to your location to map out the IT environment. At the end of the scan, we prepare a report with the results of the scan and of course our recommendations to take security to a higher level. With the results of the scan you can immediately start making improvements!

What do our customers say about the ICT Scan?

Peter Bot, owner CM Specialist

"Heiper IT's IT Scan is a necessary addition to the entire business process"

Due to the IT scan of Heiper IT, we are faced with the facts. We have adequately addressed security aspects that we had never considered through the IT scan. The feedback of the findings is organized and clear. It immediately spurred us into action!

Ferry Godri, mortgage advisor at Hyppe

"I would recommend Heiper IT's IT Scan to any company, because it provides very valuable information that will improve and sharpen the IT environment of your company!""

I would recommend Heiper IT's IT scan to any company because in this way you can properly screen your company on crucial points, but also on the general functioning of the IT environment. The IT Scan will provide your company with very valuable information that will improve or sharpen the IT environment.

Example report

View an example report of the IT Scan here. The report is explained orally. A great opportunity to ask all your questions!

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