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LastPass - thè password manager!

Do you also want your employees to use unique and strong passwords for all their accounts? Then use the LastPass password manager!

With the password manager LastPass, employees can easily generate and store unique and strong passwords for all their accounts. LastPass is available on all devices, so whether you're working on your phone, tablet or laptop, your passwords are always at hand with LastPass! 

Why LastPass?

At LastPass, employees can link a private vault to a corporate vault. Employees have convenient access to all their passwords, while the IT department retains control over the business login data. In addition, LastPass offers IT administrators beautiful dashboards to monitor the use of strong and unique passwords of employees, so that security can be taken to the next level. After all, the weakest link in IT security are still the employees.

Benefits for the IT administrator

With LastPass, IT administrators can easily add or remove team members, create shared folders, control who has access to which accounts, and keep track of what employees are doing with automatic reporting. High-level policies can also be set. This includes setting password strength requirements, multi-factor authentication, and making login rules mandatory. If an employee leaves the company, access to the corporate safe can be stopped very easily, so that an ex-employee can no longer log in to the accounts. 

Why Heiper IT?

Why should you purchase LastPass from Heiper ICT? We have experience with setting up LastPass for multiple customers and therefore know exactly what to look for. We make sure that the implementation runs smoothly, that everything works as it should, we provide user training and support if there are any questions or problems. This way you don't have to worry about it and you can focus on your own work!

The benefits of the LastPass password manager at a glance::

  • Safety for the company and employees
  • Ease of use, have your passwords ready anywhere, anytime from any device
  • Central management of passwords
  • Private and business in the same solution and yet separate…

More information about LastPass?

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