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Maintenance and permanent monitoring

There is nothing more frustrating than a system not working. The entire company comes to a standstill if you suffer from a malfunction, a network that goes down or a virus in your system.

Security is therefore of great importance to Heiper IT. We therefore see regular preventive and proactive maintenance as a necessity in order to guarantee continuity in the security of your data. The degree of speed and effectiveness in which disruptions and calamities are dealt with also play a role in this. Heiper IT has specially designed a maintenance agreement for this.

Get back to work soon

Heiper ensures that you can get back to work quickly. We have a telephone support team for emergency care. And if telephone support is not sufficient, our specialists will come to solve your problem on location. We ensure that we are at your location within four hours to solve the problem. And if the malfunction entails a longer repair time, you can use an identical or equivalent replacement product free of charge. So you can always continue to do your work.

With Heiper IT you are assured of quality

The maintenance agreement that you conclude with Heiper ICT mainly contains the following possible activities and guarantees:

  • Registration and documentation of IT infrastructure;
  • Permanent monitoring of server platforms (hard- and software);
  • Insightful registration of malfunctions, calamities, user questions and notifications;
  • Frequent (preventive) maintenance of workstations and server platforms with on-site support;
  • Guarantees on response and resolution times.
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