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Phishing simulation

Phishing simulation 

No matter how well your security is in order, if your employees don't know what to watch out for, you still run a great risk of being hacked. That is why it is important to inform and train your employees as well as possible.

Heiper Security Awareness program

At Heiper IT we have a great program, the Heiper Security Awareness program. During this program we train employees to improve the knowledge about security. An important part of the Heiper Security Awareness program is the Phishing simulation.   

The Phishing simulation 

The phishing simulation consists of two parts. In the first part of the simulation, we send an email, which is formatted in corporate identity, with a link to a SharePoint page. If employees click on this link, they will receive the message “this page is not available”. The employees will click away from the page and continue with their work. The employees themselves will not notice anything further from this phishing simulation. Behind the scenes we can keep track of how many employees have clicked on this link. 

The second part of the phishing simulation will be announced in advance so that we can explain the purpose of the simulation. In this mail we can involve and motivate employees to improve their security skills. In addition, sending an announcement email ensures that employees don't feel like they're being punished if they fall for a phishing email. It is important that employees feel safe and report incidents to the security officer.

A few weeks after the announcement has been sent, an email will be sent with a link to a SharePoint page that we will of course design in the corporate identity of your company. The employee is asked to leave his details here. After an employee has done this, he/she will receive a friendly message. It states that it was just a test, supplemented with some tips and tricks to prevent a recurrence.

Reporting and recommendations 

After the simulation, we will of course make a report with the results. We will explain these on location and of course give a number of recommendations.

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