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Work smarter, get more out of your applications!

Do you also want to work together smartly, efficiently and pleasantly? Share documents, work simultaneously or organize appointments smartly and clearly in work groups, permanent teams or with external parties? You can do it all with the help of Microsoft 365. We are happy to help you, not only with the implementation but also to get more out of your applications so that your organization becomes more productive. 

Our approach

First, we map out the current situation. How is work done and what are the stumbling blocks? Based on this information, we will draw up a plan to ensure smarter collaboration and better use of the IT possibilities and applications within your company. Finally, we will implement the plan and ensure through training and workshops that all employees go along with this.

Increase productivity through..

  • Mapping the situation
  • Draw up a plan
  • Implementation
  • Training and workshops

Microsoft 365

To be productive as an organization, you can use Microsoft 365, among other things. Microsoft applications such as Teams, Planner, OneNote and Power BI ensure that you can work together more intelligently and efficiently. Heiper IT is a certified Microsoft productivity specialist. We are happy to help you further!  

Microsoft 365

Workshops and trainings

An organization is only going to become truly productive when the organization gets the most out of its IT capabilities and applications and can work with them properly. This requires explanation, training and advice. In addition to the implementation, we like to involve all users (in different phases) so that you can be even more productive. Either at our office, one-on-one or a training on site 

Workshops & Trainings

Management and support

Whether it's user management or rights that need to be adjusted, at Heiper IT we provide both full management and support. The result? An IT service provider that feels like an internal IT department. Short lines, adequate and accessible!

Management & Support

Do you also want to work smarter?

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