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Power BI

Real time managementreports

With Power BI you can make nice clear reports packed with management information. This way you can use the data that is  often already present better!

What is Power BI?

BI stands for Business Intelligence, or in other words, information and insights from a company. To present this information quickly, powerfully and clearly, Power BI has all the capabilities you need. Power BI is a service within the Microsoft 365 suite that allows you to quickly create visualizations from data. These data sources can be Excel documents for example, but also PDF files, or Facebook, Salesforce, SQL database sources. Even better, it can be several at once to create a combined view. 

When a connection is made between all that data, a report can be created. Better yet, dashboards can be created! This means that visualizations can be viewed quickly and easily via a web browser, within Microsoft Teams or, for example, on your smartphone/tablet.

When could you use it?

To give an example of applicability,  we give a look into our own 'kitchen'. During our monthly meeting, we like to have insight into the current projects. Before we used Power BI, someone would always prepare this by making an export from our planning software to Excel and then manually adding to it. Things like who was working on it, how much time a project would take and if we were on schedule. This provided good insights but had two drawbacks. Disadvantage one is that this was a time-consuming task. Another export had to be made for each meeting and someone had to enrich all this information by hand. The second disadvantage was that this information had a very short shelf life. After a few days, the overview was no longer up to date and lacked a clear overview.

With the use of Power BI, this has all changed. A dashboard has been created and as such we now have always real-time insight into current projects via Teams (but also on smartphones and laptops). In fact, we permanently project this dashboard on a TV screen hanging in our office. Because these insights are real-time and never have to be created manually, it not only saves a lot of time but also gives us more control over the projects. We can make adjustments faster if necessary. The result? Less deviations in the lead time of a project. Now that's power!

Getting started with Power BI

When you have become enthusiastic about using Power BI, the first question is who will create and manage the insights. Power BI is simple, fast and intuitive, certainly does not require programming knowledge or anything like that, but it does require knowledge and skills in creating relationships within data. We often see that initially insights (organizing sources) are created with external help. If necessary, adjustments and improvements can be made from there. Following a webinar or a (technical) workshop on getting started with Power BI can help with that.

Also getting started with Power BI? We are happy to help you!

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