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Security is definitely a hot topic. Almost every day, data thefts or hacker activities are on the news. No matter how well informed we are, users are usually left with numerous fundamental questions. Where are my files? Where is my email? More importantly, who can and may access it? How do I secure and protect this data?

Heiper IT and your security

At Heiper IT, security issues have top priority. Heiper IT is therefore happy to provide good advice on how to minimize risks and dangers. We provide insight into how things are arranged and are happy to run through an emergency scenario to ensure that everything is properly secured.

Prevention & cure

(Proactive) maintenance also contributes to security. It ensures that our workstations are equipped with the latest security updates and patches. We can even monitor your servers 24 hours a day. We do this type of monitoring both to prevent calamities and to register if damage has already been done. 

Cybersecurity is a critical part of business operations

Your data and information better secured?

The basic ingredients for good security are of course antivirus, good backups, multifacor authentication and a password policy. Solutions that are important and play an important role here include a password manager (for unique and strong passwords), FileCap (with which files can be sent securely encrypted). In addition, training and informing your employees is essential, so that they too can recognize spam and phishing mail.

28 Nov 2022

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